Friday, January 27, 2012

Pink Poppies - To Dream of Spring

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

When I got home last night, the evening was so warm that it felt like spring was really stirring. The fellow who mows our property had just spread some rich looking compost in the front garden bed, and so in the bit of time I had before sundown, I collected my seed packages of poppies - pink, yellow, red, purple, orange. In our region, these seeds are to be scattered in January so that the winter's cold and rain will help them germinate.

I scattered all the seeds I had in the front garden - so that the blooms can be enjoyed from approaching the house as well as the porch. This garden receives a lot of light - and the most attention. I used all the seeds I had, and some very special seeds from one of my dear friends.

And this morning the rains that were predicted -- came -- and has been falling in a fierce downpour that woke me, and will be with us all day. BUT! they'll also be one essential ingredient that the seeds will need to begin their lives.

The second thing will be cold. And to be honest, this season hasn't seen much of that. Still, we are expecting a day or two this weekend with temperatures in the 30sF - and I'm hoping that this will be enough of a freeze to break the seeds' dormancy.

So today, as the rain drums the windows and the skies remain gray, I can think of poppies ...and imagine a garden filled with their joyous blooms.

Hope your day is bright!


Joan T said...

Gorgeous!!!! It has that spring soft look to it. Can I come and paint when your poppies are in bloom...that sounds so nice.

We are having spring like temps today but some rain. If it was sunny and 60 degrees I would be out painting! lol Enjoy!!

Claire M said...

Oh so delicate and pretty. Fun to read your reflections of planting the seeds. I hope your seeds bear many poppies this spring.

Lorraine said...

So beautiful, bright, springy -- I love the pinks against the soft blue/greens. So skillfully painted Lin.

Love your story about spreading the poppy seeds. We are about on schedule with you. In the 60's yesterday, rain last night, 30's this morning. My body and the cats can't get used to this see saw of weather changes!

Cora said...

Beautiful colors, really bright and lovely painting.

Teri Casper said...

Spring indeed! A beautiful spring.