Saturday, March 31, 2012

Impressions of Wisteria

Impressions of Wisteria by linfrye
Impressions of Wisteria, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

The wisteria, purple, fragrant, beautiful, has begun to drape the trees and fences all around me. Masses of these blossoms hang like graped garlands everywhere I look. This is a vining plant, fairly agressive, and some of the trunks are as large as trees with lengths of vine several yards long! Impressive! The lovely flowers are edible -- but the seeds are highly poisonous ... and too large a plant can smother smaller plant specimens with their weight and mass -- so be careful with this one!

We lost the wife of a dear friend yesterday - unexpectedly and suddenly. And so I'd like to dedicate this small painting to her memory. Kathy was a vivacious, large-hearted woman who loved people and plants and living simply. She was a friend to all who met her, always ready with a smile, a laugh, and a plate of something good to eat. She'll be mightily missed. Her dear husband has been part of our Plant a Row for the Hungry volunteer core, and I know how difficult this will be for him. Prayers for Kathy and for the family.

Losing those we love is never easy. And with each loss we are reminded again how very, VERY precious is each moment we have on this good earth and with those we love. It's too easy to say 'live each day as if it were your last' --- and so difficult to live it.

But the older I grow, the harder I will work to do so.

May your day be blessed with moments you cherish and filled with people you love.


jamila aladdin said...

Hi Lyn
I love this one, the colour palette, and the loose yet very expressive brush work

Lorraine said...

Love the colors and the impressionistic look of this beautiful painting Lin. And a beautiful tribute to a special friend.

May your hear be lightened as you remember her and your grief lessen as the days go by. Yes, we should be making the most of every minute but sad to say, we are always taken unaware by each new and unexpected loss.

Heartfelt hugs,

Joan T said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. Each loss just makes us appreciate what we do have and enjoy those we love more.

You and I must really think alike. I've been painting the wisteria that is in bloom and went to the Arboretum in Oakdale yesterday. As I was painting the flowering bushes and trees the thought of the wisteria that will be out soon entered my mind. Thank you for showing it so well. I love the softness and the color...I can almost see it just lightly moving in the breeze. Beautiful!

Teri Casper said...

So sad to lose a friend .

Your painting os so soft and gorgeous.

Lynn said...

A most beautiful tribute to your dear friend.

Janina B. said...

Wow, das ist aber schön FREI gemalt. Mag ich total gerne Lin;-)