Sunday, May 20, 2012

Granville Art Festival 2012

Granville Art Festival 2012 by linfrye
Granville Art Festival 2012, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

Thank you for all your kind wishes.

It was a FABULOUS festival with good sales, incredible music, a variety of wonderful offerings for the more than 1500 people who visited, a terrific selection of food items, fun things for children to do and a really FUN, FESTIVE, FESTIVAL atmosphere.

The Granville Art Council did one heck of a job advertising and putting things together -- one of the best shows I've participated in -- professionally done --THANK YOU all involved!

I've met some other artists in the Granville area, met some potential art and workshop students, and met more folks in my hometown -- something living and working out of town for 11 years has made very difficult. What a joy to meet such wonderful neighbors!

I return to work tomorrow - pretty tired - but gearing up to teach art classes for the Arboretum during the month of June and lead a number of trips to area gardens for more garden classes. So much to see and learn and do!

We'll be preparing for our next festival on June 2 - The Lavender Festival - and I'm looking forward to Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream!!! YUMMMMM!

I'll be on and off the the Internet with the demands of work -- so I hope to catch up with everyone as I can ...

Meanwhile - have a great week -- and walk around the gardens!!


Lorraine said...

Great pics and great news. I hope your summer is filled with successes and sales! You so deserve it as your work is beautiful and you show great talent and versatility -- a terrific combination.
Sincere Congrats!
Big hugs,

Joan T said...

I'm so glad it was such a successful show for you! Want to send a few buyers up here? lol Your setup looks great!

djr-aquarelle said...

Ilove how these lovely faces look at me!