Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Old Oxford Barn - Home

Old Oxford Barn - Home by linfrye
Old Oxford Barn - Home, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/2 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I am back home - and what overwhelms me most is the incredible quiet. That rich, peaceful, serene stillness that is in the very air I take into my lungs. The PEACE of it is so rich, so magnificent, that I am brought to tears for the very serenity it brings.

I unpack my bags and walk through my now-bursting colorful garden. The breeze is rich with honeysuckle and privot. Birds twitter and sing their nesting songs. Insects buzz. And the sun warms my skin and makes each flower a blaze of color.

I am home - and this peacefulness is as much a gift as seeing my mom doing so well.

The yellow fields of spring are fading and the hay in the fields is turning from green to bronze. The farmers have begun baling... and I am in my glory to see hay bales once again!

Feeling this 'home-coming' -- from the air to the flowers, to the fields to the bird song - is a salve. The miles between my mom and sisters and my home are many, and I miss seeing those I love more frequently. Though mom is so much better - with health issues prominent, one lives from day-to-day. Thus, this sense of serenity is even more of a blessing.

It's a funny thing the types of places that give us a sense of peace and 'home.' My sisters and daughter love the city - the 'availability' and 'conveniences' of having stores and events close by. My son, like me, prefers the quiet life and the feel of soil beneath our feet instead of asphalt and concrete. Different strokes indeed.

Somehow the rural life has become "home"... and it is here I return for the exquisite gift of quiet, peaceful moments shared by the rounds of seasons and the flora and fauna that join in its celebration.


Teri Casper said...

Beautiful rich vibrant colors. I also know the feeling do coming home. You expressed it so well.

Janina B. said...

Hallo Lin. Das Motiv kenne ich schon. Es war eine Challenge bei Flickr, nicht wahr?
Du hast wunderbare Atmosfere hier geschaffen. Herrlich.
Grüsse Dich

maria said...

hallo lin,
herrlich, das ist einbe oase zunm wohlfühlen, da würde ich sehr gerne verweilen
fantastisches aquarell
liebe grüße maria

Joan T said...

Are you insinuating that Long Island isn't quiet? lol Lin, this is so lovely...awesome colors and shading. Enjoy!!!

djr-aquarelle said...

I love the mystiness in the background. The barn is outstanding and the knee deep grass!

Lorraine said...

Ah yes, your painting exuded peace and quiet and country air. I can just feel it by your painting and descriptions. I love the way you've painted the old barn especially. I have always loved seeing them in the countryside --- old barns and covered bridges. Who knows how those old barns hold together for so long. And old abandoned houses hold so much mystery. The colors in your painting, while brilliant, still give the sense of peace and tranquility and I too miss that with the sounds of sirens,planes,.traffic and neighbors here. Gorgeous. Thanks!!! Big hugs,
And welcome home!