Monday, July 16, 2012

Bespeckled Anemones

Bespeckled Anemones by linfrye
Bespeckled Anemones, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10 1/4" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

I rarely believed retired folks when they said that they became so busy after retirement that they didn't know when they had time to work ... well, I'm singing a different song now. Either I'm slowing down significantly, finding more to do, or am more distracted - but the days seems to whiz by in a blur of motion, and I fall into bed each night and think "where did the time go!" Perhaps it's a bit of all of that that has me as busy as I was before, though I've exchanged 'work' obligations for home and family obligations. I'm finally spending a bit more time with my grands, getting some VERY much needed things done in and around the house, and my social life has picked up too. All good things -- and I have to admit, busier than I had anticipated in any of my retirement imaginings.

I painted this 'splash and splatter' simply for the colors .... I hadn't worked on a S&S for a while - the method I enjoy when I want to focus and find something recognizable from a page of freely tossed water and paint. I find the method relaxing, challenging and fun ... and so, anemones...

My garden tomatoes have gone gangbusters -- but the 5 vines I have are all the salad type tomatoes - especially Juliets and cherries. I have found over the years that the Juliets (those 2" grape shaped tomatoes) to be the very best for surviving North Carolina's extreme summer heat and humidity and most of all, semi-drought conditions. These last two weeks, we've had significant rain, and the vines are now over the porch rail making picking a challenge - it's like finding the jewels in the jungle ....

I've been dehydrating some tomatoes and mostly enjoying a simple meal of tomatoes and onions sauteed in butter and olive oil, flavored with basil, and served over spaghetti. My summertime favorite for a quick, light, easy to fix dinner or lunch.

We matted a few more paintings this weekend for an upcoming festival in August - a one-day event at one of my favorite retail nurseries. This is a first time event for them as well as for me, so we'll see how it goes.

I hope you have a super week!!!


Lorraine said...

It's lovely Lin -- very vibrant and playful. And the colors are happy ones! I love the underlying detail, mixed with the splash and splatter.

I watched the Tao of Watercolor yesterday and enjoyed watching Jeanne make a beautiful watercolor, layer by layer -- must more complicated than I recall but gorgeous. I played a bit with watercolor but it only resulted in something to cut up for ATC backgrounds LOL.

So glad you are having a bumper crop of tomatoes even with the drought. Ours from the Farmer's Market have been delicious!

Big hugs and continue to enjoy every day.

Teri Casper said...

Beauteous!!! Love this technique and colors.

Joan T said...

Oh, Lin...this is gorgeous!!! I love colors. You do the S&S so well!

I also wonder sometimes where my day goes...and how I had time to do anything before retirement. lol

I got some good news yesterday. I had 2 paintings in the Fire Island Lighthouse Exhibit and both of them sold. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Love this technique. As Lorraine said, it looks very playful. Glad to know you are enjoying a well deserved retirement. --Tiff