Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blackberry Brambles

Blackberry Brambles by linfrye
Blackberry Brambles, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10" x 14" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

The sun has finally come out, the weather has warmed, and my quick trip to the beach with some girlfriends was incredible!!! Laughter, friendship, talking, good food, sinful fudge, a bit of wine, an AWESOME morning sunrise and walk on the beach, a handful of tumbled stones - a marvelous restoration of mind, body and spirit! Fantastic!

I came home to find a bit more color in the landscape, but have to admit that I saw more crimson maples SOUTH of us than here in the NC piedmont. Sigh ... so I decided to make my own fall splashes in tones of red/pink and purple that reminded me of the blackberry juice, jam and syrup that Doris made while I was visiting. The cool morning on the beach also reminded me of the cool mornings in Germany when we would go outside to pick those plump, sweet, juicy blackberries from Dori's vines!! YUM!!!

Our blackberries didn't fair as well this year, as the lack of rain and water kept those that the birds didn't beat me to far too dry and tart. I suppose one of the benefits of art is that we can CREATE our own visions of nature if 'nature herself' doesn't provide them! LOL

The NC State Fair opened today and I'm anxious to visit while the weather is still in the low to mid-70s. This warmer weather will bring more folks to the fair and crowds to the exhibits I like to see -- but I suppose that's part of the state fair experience. As is the food ....! I'm ready for some sweet, steamed corn on the cob, candy apples, hot sausages, and all those other state-fair indulgencies that contribute to the experience (and a bit of weight gain!! LOL).

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!!! Get outdoors while you can before the weather turns toward winter!


Lorraine said...

Another lovely muted "nature close up" painting. I love love love the colors as in the leaves a few days ago -- and those drips. I will be so glad when I can get to my art supplies and find my easel to play around with that style. You have mastered it beautifully!

Ah corn on the cob at the fair. We used to travel to Brome (?) Canada and they would have large containers of boiling water over an open fire filled with fresh sweet corn. It would be cold by then and the hot corn was delicious.

Have a great time and I hope you see lots of art. I've only been to the KY state fair once and they have such a fantastic needlework and quilt exhibit, I should make it a habit to go each year.


Joan T said...

This looks lovely and juicy!!!

Lucky you to scoot down to the beach for a few days. That sounds so nice. Enjoy the weekend!