Saturday, November 03, 2012

WASH OUT- Hurricane Sandy 2012 - GLAD TO BE HOME!

7" x 9" Watercolor Wash
Arches 140#CP

Thank each of you for your thoughts and wishes and notes. Please continue to remember and pray for those so adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

There's much to report about the past seven days ... my visit to see my mom, Jean Haines workshop, the storm's aftermath. But let me say this for those who have expressed concern for us: We are fine, and we have made it through the storm virtually unscathed, with minor home damage, tree loss, and the inconvenience and disruption of power outages, cable, telephone and internet outages, some food shortages and major gasoline shortages and the rebuilding of destroyed towns, beaches, and lives. Compared to so many who have lost their lives and their homes, we were blessed indeed, and have nothing to complain about.

My one sister is still without power, cable, or cell service since the storm and is staying with friends. Her boyfriend awaits a tree service who, they pray, will get to the tree leaning on his home before the wind shifts, and makes the tree fall through the roof and into the second fstory of his home.

My other sister, with whom my mom lives and where I was staying, had power restored after 36 hours only to have it wiped out by a drunk driver who ran into the single power pole providing a neighborhood much needed light and energy. Cable, phone and internet service was restored to this same sister 48 hours after the storm, and lights were re-restored late last night.

We got through the worst of the hurricane with a generator, candles, a gas range, and the relief of having gone through a major crisis with our lives and property safe.

This makes the fourth major hurricane I have been through: Agnes, Hugo, Fran ...and now Sandy. Through each one, I wonder anew at the enormous forces of nature and the power of humankind to pick up the pieces and begin again and again. Hope and help from others, are mighty powerful.

This artwork was an exercise done in the workshop I have been privileged to attend with Jean Haines. I will have more to say and post about that wonderful experience and the opportunity of meeting an incredible, talented and remarkable artist. Her workshop, I might add, was held the day before and on the eve of superstorm.

While this exercise was merely a practice of mixing of two colors we really liked on a small piece of watercolor paper, the flow of the paint, the colors, and the mixing, all done without forethought two days before Hurricane Sandy's wrath, seemed fitting to post while describing a bit of our experience through the storm.

Again, please continue to keep the thousands of hurricane victims in your prayers and thoughts. There is so much repair work to do in New York, Long Island, New Jersey and elsewhere along the Eastern seaboard, that continued prayers and good thoughts will certainly be appreciated.


Ann said...

Your painting is perfect - I see the turbulence of water and shore. Glad to hear you are okay!

Joan T said...

Yeah for your safe return to NC!!! What are you going to bring with you for your next visit? lol

This looks like the storm...lots of energy!

Lorraine said...

So good to know that you are home safely after the delays and disruptions. Yes, you and your family have much to be grateful for. I've been watching the news once again to stay caught up as I have many relatives in New England and NJ and PA, as well as friends and on-line friends.

I knew immediately when I saw your painting how fitting this abstract was of the storm, not only the physical manifestations but the feelings of the people involved.

Keeping everyone there in my thoughts and heart.

Teri Casper said...

Thank goodness all is well. I was concerned about you also.
This expressive watercolor is perfect for what everyone went through.