Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Bouquet

Winter Bouquet by linfrye ....
Winter Bouquet, a photo by linfrye .... on Flickr.

12" x 16" Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

With spring in the air -- it was in the 60sF yesterday - the winter remnants starkly contrast the greening earth. I do so love those tawny colors, the browns and tans, echrus and coffees, the sennas and umbers, auburns and russets. This delicate bouquet came from my own garden of ornamental grasses and surviving flower stalks ... some intact even after the birds have had their fill of seeds. These dried left-overs will remain for years, reminding me of a season of rest and its own quiet beauty.

Already the buds on trees, especially the maples and hickories, are coloring the gray woodlands with a 'spring hue' and after all the rain, the air is damp and fresh promising new life and a new season.

It's time to walk a bit, begin our goodbyes to the winter, and prepare for spring.

Hope your week is wonderful.


Teri Casper said...

Even in winter there is beauty to behold. Gorgeous in its simplicity Lin.

Joan T said...

Lovely bouquet!!! It just shows that nature has other things besides flowers that look beautiful together. Glad you had a touch of spring.

Lorraine said...

Oh this is wonderful Lin. I am always enthralled with the shapes of the limbs and trunks of bare trees in the winter and amazed at the variety. And I also love the "naked" weeds like thistles. But I never thought to paint something like the weeds. Your painting just shows that there is inner beauty everywhere!! The painting is lovely. What could have been dull is made vibrant with your background colors -- the "winter bouquet" shows up beautifully with that soft yet colorful background. And I love the way you painted the "bouquet" itself. Another delightful surprise from your brush!!