Sunday, June 16, 2013

San Gimignano Traditional Vignette

I painted this in a traditional watercolor vignette style prior to my workshop and visit to San Gimignano.


Lorraine said...

Well, I like them both, for different reasons. I love the impressionistic feel of the first one -- different for you and I think you did a really good job with it. But, knowing that I once was a "realist" painting fan (although I could never paint that way), I also like the second one. I think both are lovely. I like the way the buildings are more pronounced in the second one, yet the foliage is looser. A nice combination and I think that impressionistic foliage sets off the more realistic buildings very nicely.
Looks like you ably learned a new style!!

Jelly Gamat said...

A very interesting paper, the spirit continues to blogging :)