Monday, October 14, 2013

Twilight Near the Lake - Alcohol Painting

Alcohol Ink
Yupo Paper

Our quick trip to the mountains of North Carolina was a lot of fun with two festivals and a leisurely visit to the many craft and art shops of Black Mountain. We saw fabulous quilts everywhere and even took in a demo of "Bed Turning" where new quilts were displayed and work explained as quilts lined a bed covered with them! Fabulous artwork, and the food of festivals - corn, candy apples, sausages, kettle corn and more were the highlights of the weekend. We found an awesome Bistro for our dinners while in Hickory, NC - incredible food and a server that was not only friendly, but one of the best! We came home with new quilts for our home and those luscious North Carolina apples ...!

The leaves hadn't quite changed to the golds and scarlets we were hoping for - but here and there a single maple would catch our eye with so many different colors that it was a joy to behold. The rain held off until our return on Sunday, and we arrived rested and glad to see so much leaf color in our own backyard!

This alcohol painting was done to celebrate the fall season - and I gave it the colors that haven't yet made it to our part of North Carolina.


Lorraine said...

Oh I LOVE the brilliance of this one Lin. So reminiscent of fall when the sun is not bleaching out the colors -- but the deep reds of Autumn after a rain. Superb! Even more beautiful than the last Yupo painting if that's possible!

Glad you had such a nice Fall trip. Our colors here are turning brown and dull yellow STILL but we're hoping the green trees yet to turn, with the forthcoming cooler weather, will still delight us.

Joan T said...

Bravo!!! This is another beauty!!!

Your trip sounds like fun...lots of things to do and see.

Our colors are still not anything exciting. Once in a while you find something blazing, but it is rare here.

Judy said...

How fun is this Lin?!!! such gorgeous paintings-- nice work with these alcohol inks!!!!