Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Viburnum Berries

Viburnum Berries by linfrye ..
Viburnum Berries, a photo by linfrye .. on Flickr.

Arches 140#CP

The cool weather has found us this week, and we awaken to temps in the 30s and 40s -- BRRR -- a reminder that the marvelous fall weather we've been enjoying will soon come to an end, winter will settle in, and the holidays will begin in earnest. For me, I'm still waiting for the reds to show up on the trees!! LOL

Still, the colors here in Piedmont North Carolina are intensifying, and dropping. Already the crunch of footfalls can be made in the growing leaf litter, and more of the sky is visible through the tree canopy. Sunshine is far less intense, and the morning shadows are long and long. The season is fast moving forward.

Thought I'd play a bit with watercolor and do a quick study of our viburnum ... a mix of gold and scarlet, and luscious, dark berries that are just ripe for a bird feast.

Hope you have a great week!


Joan T said...

Lovely, Lin!!! I love the purple berries against the autumn colors.

We are heading for colder weather the next few days and since I am heading to Maine I know it will be cold. Glad I pulled out my sweaters. Hope to get out to paint with my 2 sisters if it isn't freezing.

I have a friend who is taking the class with Jean Haines this weekend. Can't wait to see what she does in the class.


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lin - this is lovely...the colors are so representational of this beautiful season. Fall has such rich gifts it brings and I know it will soon be forgotten as winter arrives. Hoping for Indian Summer - how about you?

Lorraine said...

Very beautiful Lin. I especially love the leaves, of course, their colors and the details. And the background is beautiful too.

Our weather is a mirror of your own and I did see just a bit of red as I drove to Frankfort on Monday but most foliage was green, brown, or not there at all. Cold and rainy here now. Brrr. Glad I got out the comforter and huge fleece blanket I made for my husband last year.

It amazes me how you can switch back and forth between wc styles so easily.