Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 - A New Year - Challenge One My Home

Journal Pages

It's been a busy busy year for me and somewhere along the line, my intuition/prompting/sense made me realize a need to slow down a bit and return to some basics.

I've been drawn to journals of all kinds and my first dip into visual art was by journaling.
With the inner prompting I was sensing, the pull toward a bit of contemplation, and a need to return to basics such as sketching, drawing, writing, I've decided to honor these nudges.

I'll do this by spending a good amount of time this year on journaling. Sure, I'll continue painting - watercolors, alcohol ink, and a bit of mixed media as I explore these options - but I'm thinking that 2014 will be a time of inner exploration as well, a bit of art experimentation, and a return to my 'journaling/writing' roots.

With this intention, serendipity seemed to find me ... and somehow 'The Documented Life' project and challenge (see ) found its way to my desk. I've dived into this project with a new journal and a few pages ...

I've also chosen a 'word' for this month (well, at least this month; it may last longer) --- the word "Line' .. I'm enthralled with the variations of lines, calligraphy, squiggles, contours, pen and wash, and so I'll be working on the many meanings of the word 'line' and will make that part of my journal explorations.

I hope to share this journey with you as I can ... who knows where these 'lines' will lead me ...

Here's to a creative year of contemplation and exploration!

Happy 2014!

First page for week one of The Documented Life Project. Tipped into my journal.


Joan T said...

This looks like a fun project, and I thought about doing it...but I decided I really wouldn't have time and didn't need all the pressure. Your house looks lovely and very welcoming!!!

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful painting of your home -- and so familiar. I miss it and you!! Love the tree and the flowers too. Such a nice all together painting. Brings back many fond memories and I'm glad you featured it in your journal.

I too am enjoying my page a day journaling but am doing it randomly, using what's at hand in an effort to use up and destash. You've been such a help to me in sharing your pages and the prompts. Doors today for sure.