Monday, January 04, 2016

A Light in the Window

Journal - "Light in the Window" - Inspired by my introduction to singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer, I was deeply touched by her song "Light In the Window"  - the beginning of the year - the return to cold weather, my wish for snow, gratitude, and 30 day journal prompts --

"Now the old has already passed away
But the new is too new to be born today
So I'm throwing out seeds on the winter snow
As the cold wind begins to blow
Standing here on a new threshold ...

I can see a warm dim light in the window ...
And the world is a little light
And it's moving very fast ..

And there's a light, there's a light, in the window."


Joan Tavolott said...

Mmmm...that looks like a perfect spot to spend some time snuggled up and warm. Great job!

Lorraine said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Your painting matches Carrie's words so well. What a lovely sight; all my favorites: snow, the shadows, and the blue green trees. And that bit of light in the window -- Perfection.