Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mom's Christmas Cacti

Mom's Christmas Cacti
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Along the windowsill in Mom's living room, are a half dozen Christmas cacti -- all in bloom. Since moving from a house to an apartment, mom has limited space and light for her beloved flowers, but she grows low-light need plants on her large windowsill, and silk flowers grace every room.

Is there any wonder where I get my love of flowers?


Teri C said...

Beautiful rose and a beautiful gesture on your part.

So happy to have you home again!

Brenda Y said...

I LOVE Christmas Cactus - even if most of them don't bloom at Christmas - ha ha. Their flowers are so vibrant and delicate at the same time. Seeing them unfold is always delightful - you've really got the stalks (shape and color!) as well as the beautiful bloom.