Monday, February 26, 2007


Originally uploaded by linfrye.
With the inordinate amount of traveling I've had to do lately, I was able to purchase one of these little magic machines so I can keep up with email, phone calls, calendar dates, and the rest! I honestly believe they're incredibly magical -- so tiny and yet so powerful -- able to use both internet and phones, office documents like WORD and Powerpoint ...

I KNOW they have saved my life these days simply by keeping the intense amount of work-related correspondence manageable! I simply cannot 'leave home' without it! LOL


Teri C said...

What a cool-looking communication gadget. I want one too! :) With your busy life you surely needed one.

Linda said...

Yes, I think if anyone needs one of these, it is you, Lin!
;-D Good for you for getting one, too. And a great drawing of a tricky little subject!

krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Great rendering. I also pine for one of these and then I think -- I can't even program my phone -- how would I handle one of these!!! Good drawing. And glad you got one -- I'm sure it's a comfort and help.

aPugsLife said...

Oh neat, I'm SUCH a techie and I just love gadgets like this. I have a Nokia N80 which is different, but it still does everything and it's like having a computer in the outside pocket of my purse! :)

Jana Bouc said...

I'd be lost without my Treo too--it keeps track of my to-do's and where and when I need to be somewhere and everybody's phone numbers and I have a great Spanish dictionary and some music on mine too. My phone company keeps calling and emailing telling me I'm due for a new phone, but mine's hanging in there just fine. I like your cheery drawing of it. I don't have the internet on mine because Verizon charges to much for a data plan--it's another $40 or so on top of the regular phone bill.