Thursday, February 08, 2007


Prayers are being answered, and I cannot tell you the depth of my gratitude.

Mom: Up and walking, though weak. She's feeling MUCH better and feels as though she'll be able to go home and manage things by herself. Firm decision will be made tomorrow.

Granddaughter: Both my daughter and grand got a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP -- and, needless to say, are feeling so so so much better!!! Though T still has a cough, she hasn't had a fever for two days and so my dd is going back to work -- and truly much more rested than she has been in the last three weeks.

Brother-in-Law is sore around the surgery site, but managing to go to work and rest somewhat.

So -- a good report!!!!!

Again, thank you so much!

Tonight is Ken's visitation; the funeral tomorrow. I will feel a bit better after I have seen Rebecca for myself and give her a big hug of comfort (she's used to that from me! LOL) ...


Brenda Y said...

Yipee!! Thank you Lord!
I'm sure it will mean a lot to Rebecca to see you, too. Sometimes it's just the presence of a dear friend that helps us along the road of sorrow.

Casey said...

Glad to hear that most of the news is good. Your presence will definitely make a huge difference to Rebecca. Thank you for the updates.vhnpxh