Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I am using the single working computer in the main office area of my mom's complex. I can't post to my blog from my TREO, but I can post updates to my flickr:


So please check there for updates.

Mom is continuing to improve. She tires easily, but is eating, resting a lot, and we'll see the doctor today for updates on her tests.

Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts.



Terri said...

Lin, I'm so glad your Mum is improving. Big hugs. Take care of yourself too now you hear!!! Try not to wear yourself too thin.

aPugsLife said...

Hang in there. We're thinkin' of ya. :) BTW, you can set up flickr to post to blogger and it'll give u an email address, so you just send an email to a particular addy and the post gets posted to both flickr and the blog (assuming it's an email w/ a photo). But anyway, what's important, is that you take good care of yourself. Hugs.