Friday, March 02, 2007


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Sue ( and I spent an entire DAY at the butterfly house again! There were HUNDREDS of butterflies this morning -- far greater numbers than there seemed to be last weekend. There were also a greater number of school children there as well! LOL

We found a different bench to sketch from this time, and plunged right in .. still chatting all the while!

Had lunch at the cafe, walked through the other exhibits, took TONS of photos, then returned to the butterfly house for one last sketch.

It was so relaxing -- even hot inside this tropical glass house. Outdoors, the weather too was unseasonably warm, and our walk around the petting farm and lunch at the cafe patio were extremely pleasant.

We've decided that if we make one more trip to the museum, we'd have almost paid for a membership! Something to consider for sure ...


(pictures tomorrow!)


Brenda Y said...

What a lovely sketch to commemorate a perfect day - and so WELL deserved I might add!! So glad you were able to do this and REALLY glad you share with us.

Teri C said...

Oh so lovely Lin. I can just feel the peacefulness in your painting. Sounds like a perfect day and you needed that with your busyness.

aPugsLife said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful day. I haven't been to a butterfly garden in a long time. :)

pedalpower said...

Such a pretty sketch, and sounds like a lovely way to spend the day too!

Penny said...

Lin what a lovely way to commemorate your wonderful day, I love the bench and floers all around.