Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maritime forest

The conference is being held in one of the nicest maritimes forests along the NC coast. This tree, the live oak, is an evergreen, yet each spring (not fall) it replaces a good amount of its leaves..thus so much brown mixed with the new and remaining green.

It's my favorite tree!


Brenda Y said...

Fantastic job, Lin! Yes, live oaks are very magestic and beautiful but they are MESSY!! We had two huge ones in our yard in Sacramento and I'll never have another one!!

Anonymous said...

An EVERGREEN Oak -- I learn something new every day (but usually I forget it LOL).
Nice painting -- just the right mixture of detail and softness.

Carole said...

This looks like another great painting. Trees are so difficult to paint. I like the way you've managed to get a lot of difficult angles with the fencing, and the light in the tree tops. The scan/photo is a bit fuzzy from where I'm sitting. I'd love to see a clearer picture of it if you can get one.