Monday, March 05, 2007

Missing the Grands

It's been an insanely busy two months for me -- work, family matters, traveling -- that it feels like AGES since we've had the grands for a weekend stay. I've felt so much longing that I sketched Emily's flip-flops, in her favorite color -- pink, just to feel a bit closer to her and Nick.

I managed to get to see these wee ones last night for a short while. Nick came running to the door crying "NONNA!" "Nonna!" And I thought my tears wouldn't stop! Emily came running too and I was lost in a three-way hug -- me on my knees to be their height (won't be long I won't have to do this! LOL), those teeny arms wrapped around me, and me crying like a lost babe myself.

I watched them eat dinner, gabbing all the time. We played dodge ball, with the objective to be HIT rather than missed -- laughing and running and giggling.

When it was time to go, Nick says "I go with ...?" and the tears almost began again. Long hugs, kisses, "I love you's" ... and back home to face another busy week, another weekend away, and another long few weeks before we can have these two beloved grandchildren overnight.

Still, I drove home with a full heart, grateful for our brief time together, for the love that spans time and distance, a love that will be eager for togetherness again as soon as humanly possible.

Love -- and time --- each with its own grace.


caseytoussaint said...

You almost made me cry with this entry! Your sketch is adorable- hope you get to spend more time with them soon.

Felicity said...

Gosh, so many beautiful things to comment on Lin! Your art is just amazing! This post made me nearly cry too and I don't have grandkids! Even so, to have them must be so amazing - I've got fingers and toes crossed I'll be a granny! Lovely to hear they love you as much as you love them!!

krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Such a sweet art piece and an even sweeter story. Oh my, how you can write!

Teri C said...

Such a sweet memorable visit...sniff. I can totally relate!! Neat sketch also

Linda said...

Okay, I've got the sniffles now, too! I don't have grandchildren, and LONG for them -- so I really enjoy stories about other people's!

Terri said...

Isn't there something so special about those grand children of ours. How they worm their way into our very being. Lovely post Lin. So glad you got to spend some lovely quality time with them. I smiled and empathized all the way through reading it.

Laura said...

You have to be the best grandmother in the entire world, cara. You have such a big heart and so much energy, too--no wonder your grandchildren want to 'go with!'
The sketch of the sandals is just perfect.