Saturday, March 10, 2007


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Visiting my daughter and granddaughter has been an absolute JOY! Someday, my sketches of them will LOOK like the beautiful females they ARE! For now, I'll have to stick with my abilities! LOL

Here's T's favorite toy -- a small plastic monkey! She loves to chew on it -- must feel good on her aching gums!

She's crawling and walking around by holding onto the furniture, humming, smiling with her 5 wee teeth ... and as tiny and petite as my daughter was at her age!

Oh, this long line of wee-ness! LOL


Kunya said...

What a lovey drawing. It made me smile. You will have a lot of souvenirs for your grandchildren, I'm sure they will love it!

Lindsay said...

This is so sweet! YOu have managed to capture the winsomness of a child in the toy!

Teri C said...

Just perfect Lin! Even the monkey's face looks saucy! They grow so fadst don't they!

Jana Bouc said...

Your monkey seems bursting with joy as you must have been in his (and your grands) presence.

Renate said...

One can feel your love for your girls when looking at this painting :)

Terri said...

Nothing wrong with wee-ness! (says your 5'2" Aussie Pal!). :o) Glad to hear Taylor is thriving. She's such a little doll.