Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rebecca's Garden

Rebecca's Garden
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With spring break this week and the students off from classes as well as several days of 70sF weather, I've been able to leave the office before dark and spend a bit of time IN Rebecca's garden.

The other night I had 20 minutes to sketch before dinner, and so I stood in one small section sketching the flowering quince and spirea. The leaves of iris form a base around these shrubs, and though I didn't have time to sketch the other blooming plants, her bright yellow daffodils form sweet-smelling carpets throughout the property and were an incredible feast of eye-candy!

Twenty-minutes was simply NOT long enough to enjoy this breath of spring.


Anonymous said...

Well you sure accomplished a lot and did it well in 20 min. But you're right -- the cats and I enjoyed having all the windows open the last two days until rain moved in yesterday afternoon. A promise of things to come.

SiouxSue said...

Beautiful, Lin. A happy picture of spring.

E-J said...

A real suggestion of spring, and very pretty.

Christeen said...

Where's this garden of Rebecca's? Can I come and paint there? I have landscape envy! *smiles* This is SO pretty. Amazing what you can do in 20 minutes!

Linda said...

Beautiful job with this, Lin! So springy! :-)

Jana Bouc said...

This is gorgeous and so fresh! It's a real treat seeing your paintings from life now that the weather is better and you're not having to work from photos.