Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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These sweet little flowers are blooming along the pergola posts at the Arboretum. I sat on the bricks during lunch yesterday in the bright sunlight to sketch and paint them. It was warm, but the sun felt good.

However, when I brought my work indoors, the colors were HORRIBLE! Somehow working in the sunlight seemed to alter what I saw as I painted --! I redid the sketch and then painted from the shade ... what a difference!

Now I know why folks who do plein air sketch mostly from the shade -- not just to protect themselves from the sun's heat -- but to better see the colors!! Who'd have thought??


Anonymous said...

Lin, it's lovely; so well drawn and shaded. Yes, the sun can be deceiving. Wonder why all the great artists went to Italy to paint because the light was like nowhere else? Maybe because it wasn't as bright based on location??? It's kind of like trying to see the gorgeous fall colors in New England on a sunny day; they look bleached out; but an overcast misty day with sets them off to perfection against the evergreens.

Teri C said...

And yet again we all learned a lesson here. Thank you for sharing that. Wonderful sweet peas!!

Kathleen said...

Wow, I never knew that! Of course, I've hardly done any plein air painting (although my daffodils Saturday were--but then I just used the yellow straight from the watercolor set anyway).

I think it is a lovely painting, and I really like the curclicues of the stem.
Nice job, Lin!

Laura said...

i love sweet peas, such fragile beauties, and these are lovely Lin =)

Felicity said...

Lovely, so delicate and the colours so clear! I was drawing in the sun yesterday (thinking of you and your drawings on the porch!)and the glare on the paper makes it hard just to focus and draw so painting must be quite a feat! I love, love, love sweet peas such a beautiful fragrance!

Africantapestry said...

You've captured these sweet peas beautifully, Lin, what more can I say...Wonderful colors