Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wild Iris

Wild Iris
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Yesterday was another balmy 65+F degrees -- and the urge of the sun combined with the gentle breezes and winter-weary debris in the yard, pulled me outdoors to begin our annual spring clean-up.

We have quite a number of ornamental grasses, and they seem to like our clay soil -- so many of them are well over my head in height. The birds also enjoy them as a resting/nesting place, winter food, and more. But I am beginning to see the bright green of new leaves trying to emerge through the stalks of tans and browns, and so I donned my trusty hedge clippers, rake, wheel barrow and dove in. Whew! By the time I had cut, raked and hauled to the burn pile JUST the grasses along the front bed, my arms and hands were trembling! (More of this kind of work and I can cancel my gym membership! LOL)

Still, the day was PERFECT for this kind of activity ... and I was rewarded by the still-present perfume of the Daphne -- it acted like a form of aromatherapy -- invigorating me with each inhalation -- as though, it too, were urging me to continue my work.

Then, after removing so much leaf and stem liter, I found these tiny wild irises and Stars of Bethlehem all abloom --! Wonderful rewards for a challenging task!

I wonder what I"ll find when I get to the grasses along the drive???

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Anonymous said...

What a nice reward and what a nice painting of it. How well I remember the first yard work of the season and those aching arms at night! No longer for me.
It was 76 here yesterday and still sunny today but rain and cold weather are on the way. Enjoy while we can.