Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bridge - Fixed

Bridge - Fixed
Originally uploaded by linfrye
I'd like to thank Keith, Bev, Kim, and my friends at WetCanvas for their so very helpful and encouraging comments.

This is the redo of the bridge ... I wish I could fix the trees, but 'next time.' .....

Thank you all, truly, for your encouragement and comments that help me move forward on this incredible art journey!


Joan said...

I really liked this when you posted it in WetCanvas, but with the dark area under the bridge now it looks SUPER!!!! Isn't Joanne's class great?

Linda said...

This is really great -- your changes were spot on, too! I love this!
(and the internet IS a wonderful place, isn't it!)

Lorraine said...

Oh how quaint and peaceful and the bridge is PERFECT! Love the water flowing through under it -- so well done dear friend!