Friday, April 25, 2008

Daylight View of the Flying Horses


The trip to Paradise (Island, Bermuda Nassau) seems like a dream! I'm ever so grateful for photographs that can help recapture the memories of those five days -- that now, sitting amid laundry and catching up on emails -- seem like merely the myth upon which our resort was created.

Atlantis Resort ( covers acres upon acres of land -- with accommodations, dining, sculpture, landscaping all of that same mythical proportion and beauty. I'm posting just a few of the photos I was able to capture ... and I'll share some of my journal of the trip ...

It was all I could hope it could have been except for one thing -- I couldn't sketch worth a darn! LOL I find that happens frequently to me ... when I do have something so magical in front of me, something that moves me to tears, my pencil just won't cooperate!~ LOL Frustrating indeed! But I did manage to sketch a bit and I'll be posting those as soon as more of my chores are done ...

In the meantime, I am happy to be home --- ! Grateful for a safe trip -- and still awe-struck by the sheer beauty of so much incredible architecture, artwork (including 4 pieces by Chihuly!!!), magnificent landscaping and water features .. and the sheer joy of having this time with my dear daughter and granddaughter. Such a special award for her hard work, and honor for me to share this with her.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Hope you took pics of the Chihully sculptures.
Sounds like a fantastic trip and I'm so happy for you.