Sunday, April 06, 2008


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I suppose life lately is either feast or famine ... it rained for the sixth day in a row -- WONDERFUL for our lakes -- truly helps with the drought -- but our plein air group outing, the first for the year, was postponed ... and with my schedule this month, it'll be May before I have another free weekend to join the fun.

It was also a frustrating art day -- struggling mightily with painting water and reflections ... but I know that this struggle is part of the learning process so I was glad for the time to keep 'learning!' lol

The background for the dogwood was kept as light as I could make it and yet keep some of the variations in tones ... I wanted a soft, spring look -- much like the 'Carolina Blue Sky' I see through the emerging yellow/green leaves of the branches ... I realize darkening the background would 'pop' the delicate bracts we think of as dogwood petals ... but I chose soft over pop for the way I see these delicate trees.

I'm going to work a bit more on water reflections today -- my fingers are crossed I'll have something worthy to post tomorrow. And I'm also hoping that our lakes will finally be closer to capacity after today's rain -- we're almost there!


Joan said...

Your soft colored sky makes the petals look even more delicate. Beautiful!

Teri C said...

Beautiful, just beautiful Lin.

Lorraine said...

Oh my favorite harbinger of spring -- and painting them in white is a real challenge.You've done a great job. So delicate!