Saturday, April 12, 2008

Entry to our 'Secret Garden' cropped

After running around like a crazed woman yesterday, and being unable to relax enough to paint with all my to-do's sitting on my head, at 5:00 pm after the last errand was run, I decided to treat myself to an hour sitting outside. It was 85 F yesterday, sun-shiney and a glorious day that I was saddened to have missed!

Years ago, we created a very small 'Secret Garden' on the side of the house that runs alongside the driveway. When you're in this small space, the hedges block your view of the drive, and the plants growing along the house block much of that as well. The path leads you from the drive to the front door and this is the sight you'd see if you looked left as you walked to the porch.

The arch, something my dear husband made for our wedding almost 16 years ago, is now covered with an incredible amount of flowering Carolina jasmine (he just trimmed it back weeks ago), and yesterday the butterflies were doing their matting dance all around it as they supped from the open flowers. The scent was DIVINE! As was the scent from the pink flowering tree whose name escape me at the moment.

I eliminated the house portion in this sketch to keep the 'room' feel of the small Garden ... and our hydrangeas (always blue in our acidic soil) were not yet actually blooming). But -- I was astonished to find that the Columbines found their way into the small patch of 'pinks' to the left of the stepping stones -- THAT was a nice surprise!

And so was this wonderful leisurely hour -- truly a gift ! I got most of the painting done outdoors but did some touch-ups afterwards inside.

Today promises rain and a return to the cold .. but the grandchildren will keep us in laughter despite the weather! Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, promise me that one day(when I'm close by) you'll invite me to have tea with you in your secret garden?(If I may..?) It looks beautiful!

Linda said...

Just beautiful! Your artistic nature and talent shine in your landscaping!

Anonymous said...

Great story and a charming painting. I wish I had a secret garden. I wish I had enough interest in gardening to get out there and do something interesting with my yard. All I can get myself to do is water and I'm usually behind in that.

Joan said...

It looks like the perfect place to relax and forget about the pressures of life. Nicely done, Lin!!