Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flowers Blooming at Home

Flowers Blooming at Home
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I always thought that once I learned how to sketch, I'd spend endless days exploring nature and recording by word and image those things I found interesting or in bloom. But 'time' hasn't quite cooperated with this ideal, and so I try to capture a bit of what I see each day ... and especially those things I love -- like flowers.

Last weekend, in between chores and grandchildren, I collected some flowers from our property that filled our home with the most heavenly scents -- and I painted them as time permitted -- heather, fragrant viburnum, krigia and that elusive but strongest of beautiful fragrances -- tea olive.

I hope the cold nights we've had all week have spared these beauties so I can enjoy them once again when I get home tonight!


Lorraine said...

What a lovely combination of colors and shades and a beautiful composition. I think you could publish a whole sketch book just from your property!

Joan said...

Lovely job on this! My sister and I were walking around a wildlife center near her house yesterday morning taking photos of the flowering trees while we logged in a few miles. I was telling her how I'm always impressed with your work and how you know all the flowers. She was busy telling me the kinds of trees I was taking photos of, but I never remember them. It was so nice to see everything starting to bloom up here. Thanks for sharing your lovely work and your knowledge of the flowers.

Teri C said...

A beautiful bouquet Lin!

Sioux said...

I think you "should" publish a whole sketchbook. This is beautiful!