Monday, April 28, 2008

Flowers of Bahama

Flowers of Bahama
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During the few moments I had toward the end of our visit, I tried to capture some of the flowers of the Island. I couldn't identify the red/orange ones -- but they had such distinct YELLOW ANTERS that folded over the flowers like a cross -- very very neat! I'd look down on the flowering shrub and see all these 'x's' -- quite a sight! Oleander blooming and bougainvillia ... and so many of our (NC) typical houseplants used throughout the outdoors ... lovely to see!

One of the many gifts of this trip was an hour-long Swedish massage! Oh my gracious!! Both M and I took turns watching T while we relaxed during this incredible treatment!

Eye candy, physical relaxation, music, food, family, warmth -- the trip (and being with my beloved family) couldn't have been more special.

I came home with prayers of gratitude on my lips and on my heart ....for the trip, for my family, for the many gifts of this time ....


Joan said...

Lovely job on the flowers. I'm always in awe of the incredible plants and flowers you find at some of these resorts. It's like being in another world.

Anonymous said...

Nice botanical sketch but also loved your description of the flowers seen from above. For you this must of been like a kid in a candy store!!