Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm gripping my son for life!

I'm gripping my son for life!
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Linda said...

:-D All the family pics are SO wonderful -- but this may be the best! We can SEE that you're hanging on for dear life, and the bike is not even moving!
Oh, that's funny. But you are brave to have gone on the bike!!!

Robyn said...

I thought you had a new boyfriend for a moment, Lin! Great photo.

Lorraine said...

LOLOLOLOL. Bruce has a motorcycle similar to this an I too had not ridden on one since I was 18 (a much larger one and I still remember my fear). I was even more afraid to get on Bruce's all these years later and thankfully he is getting it ready to sell it!!! I guess we're both too old for chills and thrills like this!