Sunday, April 13, 2008

I must be INSANE!

I must be INSANE!
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My dear son is absolutely joyful over his motorcycle. All the years he lived at home, I was too fearful to allow him to have such a vehicle. But since my sweet son turns 32 this week, is married with two of the most precious children (Emily and Nick), there was little protest I could make!

So today, when he asked me just WHEN I was going to go for a ride, (he's had the bike for over a year!!! LOL), I thought it was TIME ....(egads!) LOL

So, Mike fitted me with a helmet, I climbed aboard, and off he went for a 10 minute fly through the countryside.

I've been on only one other motorcycle before in my life -- hmmmmm, maybe 30 years ago! LOL It was much larger and with a second passenger seat. This was like flying on a pulse wave ... and I was hoping all the while Mike could breathe as I clung to him with all the strength I had! LOL

As we passed trees in a blur, other cars, and the air about took my helmet from my head, I think I prayed all the prayers of a year in those 10-15 minutes! LOL

When we arrived back at his house, I was a tad shakey.... but had to admit it was fun ....! (But truly NOT something I would like to do on a daily basis! LOL These old bones aren't as brave as they once were! LOL)

And as I drove home with my ton of steel surrounding me, I offered up even more prayers that our heavenly father, and my son's grandfather whom I believe shares that sacred place, to please keep an eye on this beloved child of mine ....especially as he makes his way to and fro on this motorized vibration!


SCquiltaddict said...

I dont blame you a are scary!!! did i say i never let my sons have them are too brave Lin

Felicity said...

You are one cool grandma Lin!! My brothers are into bikes so I know about that constant worry but at the same time they are so great to ride - still I hope my youngest doesn't catch the bug, I suspect he might have biker genes! ;)

Joan said...

What a great story, Lin!!! I'd be holding on for dear life too. The only time I was ever on a motorcycle was in my college days, many, many years ago on spring break in Daytona, riding behind some cute guy I met.

laureline said...

You ARE brave (and insane ;D)---but, seriously, I am just like you in your fear of motorcycles. Fun to see these photos, though.