Sunday, April 27, 2008


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From my journal:

"A huge aquarium/lagoon rings this hotel; a huge slide, pool, eateries all over, fountains and falls, exquisite landscaping, blue sky and water, sea grapes and palms, all of our 'houseplants' used as perennials and living in the warmth and sunshine. Music plays everywhere and tourists with accents from US regions almost assault my ears as I expect a native English lilt - few Nassau natives in the resort save for those we meet in service areas.

Seagulls squawk and the squeal of children and splashing water - all mix with the heady sunshine.

On the taxi from the airport to the Atlantis Resort, I asked the driver what he likes best about Nassau - his home island. "No hurry" he tells me - "No rush" - and we begin to relax too into the gift of this trip ...."


Joan said...

Your poolside painting helps to capture the feeling of "no hurry." That must be a wonderful way to live. You did a great job on these paintings.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, that's what vacations are for. Imagine living that way all your life and never knowing anything else. What a treasure that would be.