Monday, April 14, 2008


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The photo I used as a reference for this was much lighter in feeling, but as I continued to work on capturing those seemingly elusive reflections, I kept adding more and more darks ... and so what was in essense a light, spring scene, seems more in finished work, to be almost a dense swamp! LOL

Still, I did finally get a weeping tree to look a lot better ... and the practicing of reflections has been fun.

Back to a busy work week -- and the plant sale. Though temperatures this week will be on the cool side, at least according to the latest weather forecast, the plant sale date should be warm and sunny -- perfect weather for planting!


Joan said...

I really like the way this came out and that you're pusing yourself with these. You've made a lot of great progress painting water and reflections. Good work!

Teri C said...

A lot of perspective in this Lin. Just great.

Linda said...

Lovely warm colors, too -- I like this!

Jona said...

Dear Lin,

How much I missed since I was away... I see you are in spring temper with your paintings. Very cheerful.
I'll be back and will read every word I missed...

I tagged you... look at my blog for details.

Hope everything is fine... Greetings from the old continent, Jona

Lorraine said...

The river is just incredible. I so admire your way of capturing reflections -- I think it's such a difficult thing to capture. And I love the entire scene too.