Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Waterfall

The Waterfall
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My second sad attempt at one of these spectacular falls. From my journal:

"Lunch - M & T still out when I get back to our room. I pick up a sandwich and head downstairs to sit by yet another falls. I sketch as I eat -- and a miracle - M&T find me! We eat lunch midst more Bahamian songs and music. I paint, and M tells me of their water adventures. Clouds gather overhead. I sketch a bit more while T&M head to the pool .....It's been a most relaxing sketch time. I see so much need to practice more plein air, swift sketching ... and so much more. ...."


Tami said...

I think you did very well concidering everything around you. Vacations in such a stimulating place have got to be harder to sketch...

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Awesome photos and sketches!!!! What a wonderful trip for you and congratulations to your dd.

Anonymous said...

It's not sad, it's just unfinished!!! Remember, you can't expect perfection every single day. If so, what would there be to strive for?

Joan said...

This one of the waterfall came out great!!! They are not easy to paint. I can almost hear the water and the Bahamian music as the palm trees move softly in the breeze.