Monday, April 28, 2008

White Lady Banks Rose

White Lady Banks Rose
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Coming home--! And while my own landscaping is a far cry from that I left in the Bahamas, despite the neglect I'm guilty of by choosing to paint instead of weed, my perennials, especially with the gift of rain these last weeks, have thrived despite me! LOL

My Landy Banks Rose (once yellow, now white in flower) -- was all abloom against its fence .. filling the air with a sweet, sweet rose fragrance.

After I put laundry in the wash and did a few inside chores, I decided to spend a bit of time sketching my own landscaping -- plein air. It was relaxing and fun and rewarding with such pleasant weather and perfume!

We spent the majority of the weekend taking advantage of the weather (and a bit of guilt! LOL) to begin to tackle the weeds, burn pile (now that the ban has been lifted and rain was forecast) to get our property tidied......

Mercy, we are both sore today -- but oh my gracious -- I feel so much better walking among those flowers!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Glad you are home and that your had a great trip. Your painting is lovely. Fresh, light, and clean looking.

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds (and looks magical Lin1 I browsed throught your photos and your sketches and I'm fascinated by this aquarium encircling the you mean you can see it from the outside, where you stood on the bridge and then again from the inside of the hotel, which is sort of underground? Amazing! And that beautiful woman with the blonde hair is your daughter with your granddaughter? Is she the one who got the reward a while back?
so glad to have you back and see all you've enjoyed on your trip....missed you! And of course now we can enjoy your lovely "home work" again too!

Joan said...

You did a lovely painting of these against the fence. Glad everything did well in your absence.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Lin-love your sketches and the photos of your dd and gd! Looks like a fun trip
hug,s chris

Tami said...

Your phots and sketches all look so GRAND! Love you Lady Banks sketch too! Wonder why it turned back to white...didn't think that the yellow was grafted onto the white root stock...

Sioux said...

The roses are lovely. I love how you captured a single branch in the top left corner. So free and easy and beautiful.

Sounds like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful painting -- the free flowing flowers against the more defined bench -- a perfect mix. I just love the looseness of it. Amazing how the flower has changed to a white color???