Friday, May 16, 2008

Charleston Container

Charleston Container
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There were so many container gardens in Charleston -- and each of them so beautifully, artfully, and creatively put together.

But one flower seemed to dominate them all -- and it surprised us -- the snapdragon! We found them, as in here, in a yellow, pink, orange combination. In other containers -- white, red, yellow ... they seemed to be EVERYWHERE! And far taller than the varieites we've grown at the Arboretum.

With our recent drought and with the emphasis lately on conservation, we brought back many ideas for containers that we'll be considering for our own gardens!


Teri C said...

Beautiful! Strong and full of energy and color. Great idea for water conservation also.

Anonymous said...

What a colorful display -- the way you've mixed your colors is perfect! Don't you just love the name: Snapdragon???

Joan said...

Lin - Love the colors!!! Great job on this. I like the diagonal composition of this one!!!

Sandy said...

Can't beat a beautiful basket of flowers, although this one can be framed and last forever. Your blog is so diverse and utterly lovey I always enjoy 'visiting'.

laureline said...

I have missed 24 of your posts in my recent blogging hiatus!! Girl, you are a natural wonder! I've only just begun to see what you've been up to, but this first one is a delight. Why were you in Charleston? I have to read and find out ;D.

Linda said...

Wonderful paintings!
I remember that my mom always used to grow a really tall variety of snapdragons ... and now all you ever see are those short little things. I'm so glad the taller versions are still thriving SOMEWHERE!
:-) I've also missed a week's worth of posts -- all as beautiful as one would expect from you.