Monday, May 12, 2008

Charleston Yellow House with Window Box

When I saw this house in Charleston last week, my jaw absolutely dropped!!! Those geranium-filled windowboxes SO reminded me of Italy -- I snapped half a dozen photos so I could capture the magnificence I saw there ... here's my attempt!

It's off to work again -- another busy week - graduation, final reports, registration for summer.

Mother's Day was absolutely DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS! My dear husband cooked ALL DAY yesterday -- a special lunch for me -- pork with lemon and pasta (I LOVE both lemon AND pasta)! and then when my son came with the grands - venison steak and mashed potatoes (a favorite of his!). I talked to my daughter -- her husband is now home for 30 days and they were delirious with joy! And my mom went out to dinner with her friends. I got to paint most of the weekend -- all in all - a most blessed, blessed time!


Anonymous said...

WOW. It looks just like a photohraph -- the detail on the house/windows and then the incredible riot of looser color cascading down from the window box. To me this is your style -- I just love it. Just incrdible Lin!
PS So glad you had such a nice Mother's Day weekend.

Joan said...

This one is MAGNIFICENT!!! I love the colors in this and how the flower boxes are so full and cascade so well. Super job on this!! It does remind me of Italy too. People there always had pots of flowers, or window boxes so full of great color! Glad your Mother's Day was great.

Teri C said...

Wowee, you did a stunning job painting this one!!