Thursday, May 15, 2008

Early Olives

Early Olives
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Earlier this week, Mike ( suggested I try to blend some of my foreground into the background.
I also wanted to create a 'soft' image -- I'm finding lately that with all the greens around me, I have a tendency to paint darker and darker and sometimes, in my opinion, I can easily get a bit carried away.

So here's my attempt at a soft, blurry kind of a treatment for this olive branch. It's a bit early in the development stage of the olives -- they're en route to maturing to the black olives I love.

I'm thinking there are enough value changes here -- that the 'darks' are dark enough .... you think?


Joan said...

Lin - Lovely colors and shading on those tiny olives. Nicely done!!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...


Anonymous said...

Just my humble opinion but I would do the leaves just a bit darker in places. I love the green background but online, at least, the shades of the leaves are a little too close to the shading in the background. Remember, this is just ONE opinion.

Robyn said...

Goodness, Lin, these are early olives. We only have tiny blossom on our tree as yet - that's right, tree - the smallest olive grove in Tuscany!:)

You have been very successful with the softness of the leaves and fruit in the background. IMHO this would be enhanced by sharpening the colour slightly on the leaves and fruit closest to us. Gorgeous paintings here as usual. There are so many for me to catch up on.