Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Girl on Stool - corner of Garden

Girl on Stool - corner of Garden
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This past weekend was busy, but I spent a lot of time outdoors enjoyinig the incredible weather - warm, balmy, sunny!

But as much as I tried, I just could paint the way I wanted -- but I thought I'd post some of my 'opps' and 'tries' to encourage myself to keep trying!!! SIGH!
This is a corner of my entry garden -- a wee statue of a girl reading, my snowball viburnum and Homestead Verbena.

We arrived in Charleston yesterday after a long drive -- weather and traffic were good. Checked into our motel and then headed to the beach for a long, long walk to unwind from the trip.

The Atlantic was warmish to our feet, and folks, a small crowd even at 4:30 pm, were enjoying the water and the weather. We walked for miles it seemed and the salt air, breeze, cries of the gulls and crash of the waves, laughter and warmth seemed so restorative!

We had dinner overlooking the marsh and waterway ... lovely, lovely, lovely -- but no time to sketch.

Today we head to a full-day of gardens -- photos, research, interviews. I hope for a few minutes to sketch ... if not, I'll have a lot of photos and even more memories ...


Spinneretta said...

I think we are often our own worst critics aren't we? Because I like your picture!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is so beautiful. Wonderful atmosphere!

Sioux said...

Love your painting, Lin, and your trips sounds lovely!!

Joan said...

Lin, I like the loose background trees and the whites you've saved in your flowers. Looks like you're trying something different, and its nice to see. Sounds like a wonderful trip...the gardens and flowers of Charleston must be gorgeous right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin I absolutely love this one -- it's a perfect example of American Impressionism!!! I would buy a box full of cards of this one!!! You have captured so my styles so well. I think what happens is that you set out to do a certain style and you end up with something completely different, so you fell you've failed, but in fact you've just created something very different and even more beautiful than you probably planned -- at least to those of us who could not see inside your mind!!!
Bravo girl!