Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lavenders and Birdbath

Lavenders and Birdbath
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We had a great time with the grands yesterday --! Finally went strawberry picking at an incredible farm - Christmas Tree Farm -- not only were the strawberries incredibly sweet, but they also had cliimbing and swinging and sliding toys for the children, goats and horses for them to see, sandboxes filled with toys, picnic tables, and wonderful views! Emily and Nick really did a great job choosing the reddest (and largest) of the berries -- though their stamina for bending over and hunting through the strawberry leaves didn't last a full bucket's worth -- but they enjoyed themselves!

When we had collected our three buckets, we spent some time on the grounds so the grands could play a while, then drove to town for lunch. Naturally, they wanted to continue their climbing and sliding, so we stopped at a McDonald's for them to enjoy the jungle gym.

Got the berries home (my task today is to freeze, dry, and perhaps make jam from them), and then went to the town's park and, you guessed it, yet another large area of climbing, swinging and sliding toys! I can say one thing -- they were so tired -- that Nick asked to leave the park!!! And it was he who fell fast asleep in the car! LOL

When I got home, I too was a bit tired (LOL) and began on the berries. I didn't have the energy to sketch those, but did manage a fast sketch of Sunshine Lavender Farm -- which we'll be visiting in a couple of weeks for their lavender harvest festival. I wanted to practice those soft mounds of greens and lavenders before we spend a day painting there. I find that keeping these plants 'soft' while being careful not to add the lavender at the right time (and make mud) a bit challenging -- so I was very glad for the practice.

We're expecting another beautiful, sunny day .... hope to get enough of the berries done to sit outside and paint! But I have to admit, the pollen from SOMETHING this year is giving me a fit!


Teri C said...

It's so pretty Lin. That blue birdbath is really a focal point.

Joan said...

Nicely done with the lavender and the blue birdbath. I always think of the comment my sister made when we took her kids strawberry picking one summer..."It's a good thing they don't weigh the kids before and after picking."