Saturday, May 31, 2008

Montrose Yellow Poppies and Seat

My challenge this week (and always) are those various greens ... there are SO many greens in NC and everywhere I look! I continue to practice and practice so that eventually I won't have to 'think' so much about mixing and blending.

This view, from a photo I shot at Montrose Gardens, shows an ornate garden seat nestled among a blanket of yellow poppies and a bright yellow shrub (name unknown) and framed by irises and evergreen trees and more shrubs. Yep -- A LOT OF GREEN!!! LOL

I'm not at all sure I captured this as I wanted to -- but it's close to the view I saw ... and it DEFINITELY challenged me with all those greens!

Yesterday was mighty busy with tasks -- from errands around town, jam making (finally), and baking some incredible lavender shortbread for the Arboretum tea, paying bills, laundry and the like, I'm a bit tired today. Nonetheless, I'm heading out for a paint-out with a new group at an Arboretum I'm familiar with. We're expecting storms this afternoon, so it'll be a short adventure.

Have a good Saturday!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Beautiful, Lin!
hugs, chris

Joan said...

Lin, This is lovely!! I really like your variation in the greens. My greens always look the same to me. Do you mind telling me what colors you use to mix them?

Tami said...

Love the softness of this, Lin. You did an outstanding job with all of those greens!

Teri C said...

What a beautiful peacful scene. I want to go sit there.

Anonymous said...

Lavender shortbread? Sounds heavenly! Yellow poppies? I'd never heard of them. Thought the only came in red red red.
You've created such a beautiful peaceful scene here Lin. I love all the greens and that's one of the things I love about nature.