Friday, May 09, 2008

Motel Pool

Motel Pool
Originally uploaded by linfrye
After walking miles and miles around Magnolia and Middleton Gardens and then throughout downtown Charleston, our feet were SWOLLEN! So when we returned to the motel, the lights were still on the outdoor pool, so we ate our cheese and crackers (dinner) while we soaked our poor feet and discussed the things we saw as they related to our budding Arboretum.

It was so much fun -- so much to see -- such exquisite beauty!


Anonymous said...

Sound like a great day and a great end to the day. The only thing better would have been a whirlpool to soothe those tired feet and legs! Lovely loose painting!

caseytoussaint said...

This is just charming!

Joan said...

You sound like you've been all over Charleston! I like this little sketch of the pool and the trees and foliage. Nice job on capturing the view for us!

Sioux said...

Sounds like, sore feet and all, you're having a lovely time. Love the sketch of the pool!