Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Lilies

Mother's Day Lilies
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It's no secret that I just LOVE flowers -- and so when my dear husband gave these to me for Mother's Day -- I was delighted.

What was even more endearing was his statement -- "I had to choose those flowers, not only that you'd like, but those that had 'SKETCH POTENTIAL"!!

You've got to love someone who really understands you!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Ah how nice of your dear hubby to choose something he knew you'd sketch. Now THAT is love and understanding. And a beautiful and colorful sketch too!

Sioux said...

What a wonderfully thoughtful husband...and you really did them justice in the sketch!

Sandy said...

What glorious lillies, and a wonderful sketch subject.

Joan said...

I'm sitting here laughing about the "sketch potential." How sweet! You did a great job capturing the color and the lines of the lillies.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

excellent sketch potential, and excellent sketch. hope you had a splendid mother's day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! My son included some of these in the bouquet he gave me for Mother's Day but sadly the scent was so strong from these that I had to remove them from the bouquet which was still beautiful even without them.