Friday, May 30, 2008

Poppy Field

Poppy Field
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Driving along the highway from my office to the B&B, I noticed a field of bright, red poppies! I was mesmerized! And instantly thought of Italy!! LOL The NC Highway Department plants some fields of California poppies (the red, short ones) and so certain stretches of our highways also showcased this 'red vision' I loved.

One evening two weeks ago, I left the highway in search of the red poppy field I kept seeing. Not only did I find ONE poppy field, I found TWO of them! I pulled off the twisty, farm road, grabbed my camera, and shot a number of photos.

I started this sketch about a week ago (time really IS my nemesis!!! LOL), but I left it unfinished -- not very happy with my work -- I KNEW something was missing and I couldn't figure it out.

The other day, I was watching a live broadcast from The Painting and Drawing Channel ( and whatever I was watching seemed to spark in me the missing pieces --!

Anyway, I worked to complete this last night. Though I see where I'd do some things differently, I like it far better now than I did two weeks ago! LOL


Julie Oakley said...

looks fantastic. gorgeous painting

Just Plain Jane said...

Good for you! And well done. I lag when it comes to getting back to a project.

Teri C said...

Gosh, it's just beautiful!! A field of poppies, what a treat for passers-by.

Joan said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!! Red poppies look so fantastic in the field. I'm on my way down to see these! lol When I was in Italy I kept looking for fields of poppies, but we were a bit too early in the season and I would see only a few here and there. Then one day we were on the train going into Rome and we passed this gorgeous field of poppies...and my camera was in my backpack so I missed getting photos!!!