Monday, May 05, 2008

View from the Porch

View from the Porch
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It's been a mighty busy weekend!

It seems this wonderful weather we're having as well as the time of year has opened the gate on festivals and art shows! We took off early Saturday for a festival in the town where my husband works -- and found that the crowds had swelled to double the attendance from last year! Children, dogs, people, vendors -- all in an explosion of color, music, creative wares! FUN!!! The crowds made walking and perusal a bit difficult, but we rested in a wonderful Sician Restaurant for lunch while enjoying passersby.

We continued the festive atmosphere by visiting three art galleries and the opening of my plein air friend Brenda Behr's exhibit ( ... if you remember, she painted my husband playing his mandolin last year at one of our plein air events.

Then it was grocery shopping, a few chores ... and home to collapse!!!

Yesterday, C hosted a 'jam' at the house and guitars, mandolins, dulcimers and more joined the birdsong ... and I got in a quick trip to see the grands!


So it was a bit of a 'sketching' kind of a weekend -- doing more plein air work around my property. I'm trying desperately to learn to 'see' various 'close at hand views' that might be made 'paint-worthy' -- as I continue to struggle with composition, simplification and working outdoors.

This is a view from our porch over the many ornamental grasses, across a bit of the drive and past the Lady Banks roses (from a couple of weeks ago).

It looks a bit busy to me as a painting... ... but I really simplified it a lot from what's there! LOL

It's going to be a busy week at work as well ....Must be spring! LOL


Joan said...

Lovely view, Lin!!! Great color. Sometimes I find that I look out and there is so much there and it's so complicated to get on paper. It's difficult to edit what's in front of you. You did a good job of editing and painting!

Teri C said...

and I get to enjoy a lovely bit of your yard. so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Ah how well I remember -- and you really do it justice. Lovely!