Saturday, June 07, 2008

For Lanfranco

For Lanfranco
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My dear friend from the Dolomites of Italy, Lanfanco (, kind offered another of his photos for me to sketch.

I chose this one of Lavaze not only for the beauty of the mountains, but I was so attracted to those wildlfowers!!! I've painted this scene to emphasize the flowers -- but if I paint it again, I may emphasize that wonderful water.

Please see ( for the original.

Lanfranco's wonderful photography never fails to inspire me! --- Many thanks, mi caro!!!! I hope you like it!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Lin-this is so beautiful-as is everything you have posted in the past few days. I am behind reading blogger posts and emails-by the hundreds due to the storms!!! With the 90 degree heat that will keep me in, I should get caught up!!
hugs, chris

Anonymous said...

Oh how gorgeous! I just love the tall pink against the darker mountains in the background. And the flowers really do look like they are waving in the breeze. Bravo!

Joan said...

Glad your a/c is working again. This is lovely!! I like the wildflowers too, and the water sparkling behind them is a nice touch. Love the mountains in the background too.

Teri C said...

It certainly looks like a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

I like it like this Lin...the water does actually get accentuated by the wildflowers in front.It is like Joan said...the water sparkles behind the flowers.

Jenny said...

Beautiful! Love the way you handled the clouds and the water reflections.

Alison said...

what a fine sense of distance

Robyn said...

Another stunner! You are really on a roll, Lin. Gorgeous watercolour.