Friday, June 06, 2008

Montrose Gardens Arch and Flowers

I suppose the admiration and love I have for these incredible gardens is evident by all the sketches I continue to do of them! LOL But to me, they represent so much of what I admire in a garden -- from huge old trees and evergreens that give the garden 'bones' or 'foundation' to surprise places and pieces, to quiet areas of shade for contemplation, to rampant, abundant, colorful, fragrant flowers that brighten one's day and beautify the landscape, to those architectural pieces that indicate human existence. I also have to admire the woman who continues these gardens -- a basic one-woman show with a few helpers -- and she's been doing this for over 30 years. In my eyes, she's created a bit of paradise right here in NC, and I feel so honored to have been able to participate in a bit of that.

Temperatures here are expected to be close to 100F for the next week. Our a/c went out yesterday, so my "vacation day' to 'chill, relax, and paint' didn't quite happen as I had hoped. I am also hoping the repair folks can make it out here today ...even with my penchant for warm weather, I'm flagging a bit under such heat and humidity.

Here's to a day of ice tea and electric fans!


Teresa said...

Hi Lin,

I'm also in NC... trying to bear up under the stifling heat and humidity. Ick! Makes me long for Fall!

Hope your repairman soon has you fixed up. Your painting is beautiful.

Jona said...

Dear Lin,

How are you doing?

I haven't been here for a while and Oh, God, you are doing some awsome painting. Absolutely amazing. Went through your May and June posts and I'm absolutely in love with your landscapes, the amazing poppies, daisies, hay,... beautiful strawberries. Just fantastic!!!

A warm hug from the rainy Mediterranean, Jona

Joan said...

Lin - This is so vibrant and chock full of wonderful spots. The flowers are gorgeous and that arch is wonderful. Hope the repairman is quick so you can cool off!! We're expecting warm weather but luckily not quite that hot.

Jenny said...

Your garden visits are delightful! Hope your AC is running properly by now.