Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Honesty (Lunaria annua)

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you've been battling monsters while covered in a steamy hot blanket? Yesterday was one of those, with temperatures over 100F and 'wrongs to to make right' frayed nerves, tempers and spirits.

When I got to the B&B last night, I took a stroll around Rebecca's garden. Even at 7:30 pm, the temperatures were in the 90s ... and the mosquitoes decided I was their dessert.

I retreated into the house, tired, weary, and mind aboggle. I decided I simply didn't have the energy to 'fuss' with a painting -- and so decided to fill myself with water inside and out -- and splashed my way through a sketch of Rebecca's 'Sweet Honesty' -- now in seed.

May today be better!


Teri C said...

It sounds like day from hell. And why is it the mosquitos are even worse on such a hot day. But your 'honesty' made our day worth it, so pretty.

Joan said...

Doesn't sound like a fun day. Hope the water and the tranquil painting helped.

Sandy said...

here - here, enough with the HOT, but you , sweeting, are a devoted sketcher - Perfect sketch!

Anonymous said...

You did so great for someone attacked by mosquitos! Love your litle "Monnaie du pape" as we call them here, meaning the "pope's money/purse"

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what you mean. Our temps have been high and it's been very humid. A bit of relief yesterday after early morning storms. Your sketch is lovely. Is this also called money plant? I have something very similar on my mantle mixed in with pussy willows.
Hugs and stay cool,