Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sweet Peas

sweet peas
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Either my computer at work or Flickr was giving me a hard time this morning uploading any images -- so I wound up with two uploaded .. mercy ..

Anyway, these sweet peas were on Rebecca's table last night and I tried to do simple washes and keep it loose - but failed at that .... so here's why a tired body produces when one should really go to bed instead of push the river! LOL

I did wind up sketching them again for another attempt this weekend -- AFTER a sufficient night's sleep...


Anonymous said...

Oh I love these too. They are so botanical looking and such a gorgeous color. I'd expect to see this printed and framed in an upscale shop!

Joan said...

I agree that these look very botanical. Great color in these and I like that you left the background white to make them stand out even more.

Sandy said...

A favorite of my childhood and my nickname for my grand daughter - beautiful Lin.

Teri C said...

They are indeed 'sweet' peas. It's so nice that Rebecca keeps you in subjects.